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Screenshot of Bryce with Image Nr. 83 in the LIGHTS-Category

Welcome to my new gallery with desktop pictures and background graphics. I 1998 started learning how to create and render scenes using Bryce, Terragen or Vue d'Esprit and this page is to share my work with the rest of the world. In 2016 this side was completely reworked and now contains many new functions. Now there is in addition to the preview the possibility to receive pictures by download (click the 'GET IT' button).

In the beginning all full size images on this side was 800x600 later also 1024x768. In the meantime, there are maximum dimensions of picture area from 1600x1200 (4:3), 3840x2160 (5:4), 2560x1920 (16:9) and 1920x1200 (16:10). If you liked to have with pleasure other dimensions of picture area than the original bitmap image (24-bit colour) of a certain scene, you can send me with the title of the image and the URL by e-mail, and I will try to send it to you.

One of the main reasons for me putting up this site is to get feedback on my scenes! If you have anything to say about them, please e-mail me or sign the guestbook below. Hope you enjoyed all that you found here. If you too have a 3D gallery, sign the guestbook and give me the address so I can check it out!

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